EBL Aspire Scheme

EBL Aspire is a midterm recurring deposit protection scheme (DPS) with higher return which will help you to save for your child's future.


  • Choice of Tenure is available for 3, 5 and 7 years    
  • Monthly installment amount: any multiple of BDT 1000, starting from BDT 5000 not exceeding BDT 100,000.    
  • Any EBL Junior and Campus account holder can open this account    
  • No Initial Deposit needed    
  • Automatic realization of monthly installments    
  • Maximum 90% Loan facility against EBL Aspire Scheme for Campus account holders    
  • In case of Early encashment, Interest forfeiture will be as below:
    • Closed Before One Year – No Interest will be provided
    • Closed After one Year but before three Year- Interest at Savings Rate
    • Closed After 3 Year- 2% less than EBL Aspire Scheme Rate

The below Maturity Value Table shows the different installment amounts on available tenures:

Maturity Amount

Monthly Installment 3 years 5 years 7 years
5,000 197,663 350,594 522,971
11,000 434,860 771,307 1,150,537
15,000 592,991 1,051,783 1,568,914
20,000 790,655 1,402,377 2,091,885
25,000 988,319 1,752,972 2,601,848


  • For other installments maturity value will follow the above table; i.e. if monthly installment is BDT 8000 for 5 years, the maturity value will be 1.6*350,594= 5,60,950.40(as 8000/5000=1.6).    
  • Above Monthly Installments are based on prevailing interest rate, and will change with rate change.    
  • Maturity value is subject to proper and regular payment of the prescribed monthly installments    
  • Maturity Amount showed here is subject to income tax and/or other levies.


  • Must be EBL Campus/Junior Account Holder    
  • Citizen of Bangladesh

For more information please contact our Contact Center 16230 or visit your nearest EBL Branch or email to studentbanking@ebl.com.bd


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