EBL closes country's first Taka interest rate swap deal with Pran Agro Ltd.

Eastern Bank Ltd. (EBL), renowned for its innovative financial products and services, successfully closed Bangladesh's first local currency interest rate swap deal with Pran Agro Ltd., a leading player in the manufacturing sector.

Interest Rate Swaps (IRS), an innovative financial instrument, offer a unique mechanism for managing interest rate volatility. Unlike conventional loans, IRS involves no upfront capital transfer but rather orchestrates the exchange of fixed and floating rate payments at periodic intervals. This strategic tool allows entities to hedge against potential risks and fluctuations in interest rates. The successful execution of this local currency interest rate swap required meticulous collaboration and extensive regulatory engagement with multiple departments of the Bangladesh Bank. This achievement underscores EBL's commitment to pioneering innovative financial solutions and dedication to fostering growth and stability for Bangladesh market.

Through this groundbreaking initiative, Pran Agro Ltd. has effectively minimized the inherent interest rate risk associated with its manufacturing profits. Furthermore, the company has realized tangible benefits with a favorable payment received during the initial quarter of this arrangement. This landmark development highlights the immense potential of interest rate swaps in enhancing financial resilience and bolstering economic growth.

Interest Rate Swaps are integral tools used across the globe, from developed economies to emerging markets, including India, where daily trading volumes of around rupees 30,000 crore. With Bangladesh now $460 billion economy, the prospects for fostering a vibrant swaps industry is immense, observed Mohammad Shahriar Siddiqui, Director, BRPD of Bangladesh Bank.

Ali Reza Iftekhar, MD and CEO of EBL., expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "The successful execution of Bangladesh's first local currency interest rate swap is a great tool reduce interest rate risk. We are proud to collaborate with Pran Agro Ltd. in this endeavor and are confident that this pioneering step will pave the way for further."

This significant accomplishment positions EBL as a trailblazer in shaping the future of finance within Bangladesh. The collaboration with Pran Agro Ltd. demonstrates the bank's commitment to managing risks, and driving economic progress.

Bayazid Sarker, Additional Director, FEPD from Bangladesh Bank; Uzma Chowdhury, Director, PRAN-RFL Group; Ahmed Shaheen, AMD & Head of Corporate Banking; Riad Mahmud Chowdhury, DMD & Head of Corporate Business, Dhaka; Mehdi Zaman, DMD and Head of Treasury, FIs & Offshore Banking from EBL and other representatives from both the organizations were also present at the event.