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Digital Business Coach – Women Entrepreneurship

EBL Women Banking presents Digital Business Coach for aspiring women entrepreneurs. Comprehensive and concise, the Digital Business Coach is a first in Bangladesh an 18-part two-hour video series not only for women who are thinking about building their own business but also working or aspiring women entrepreneurs who would like to build a better future.

Take a moment and reflect

  • You can build a brand
  • You can ensure efficiency of your employees
  • Sales can be increased
  • Cost efficiency can be ensured  
  • Business model can be developed
  • The perfect business pitch should be delivered
  • You should raise fund for your project
  • Online customers can be reached, nurtured and retained

Course is completely free, you can learn whenever you want, wherever you want. So what are you waiting for!

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Entrepreneur Development Services:

  • Business Documentation Support: Worry about obtaining business related certificates? Need trade license, IRC, ERC or BSTI certifications? We have a solution for you. Visit our nearest branch or write us to.
  • Access to Finance Training: For enhancing the knowledge on finance and loan, we provide trainings to our women entrepreneurs so that they can be confident and more refined business people.


Vocational And Business Management Training at country’s top women associations i.e SME Foundation, BWCCI, CWCCI, WEAB and So on specially targeting specific areas of business starting from planning, implementation, cost management, demand and supply forecasting, customer management etc.

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