Citizen Charter

The main objective of Citizen Charter document is to specify and publicize service related commitments of organizations to the citizens. It aims to make administration accountable, more user-focused, ensuring transparency and the right to information in an open and easy to understand manner.

Cabinet Ministry of Bangladesh has published a related circular on 2017 emphasizing in this regard. In that, connection Bangladesh Bank urged Banks and Financial Institutions to form dedicated Citizen Charter Desk to ensure access of information of their services to the stakeholders.    

In order to comply with directive of Bangladesh Bank, a cross functional team has been formed at Eastern Bank Limited (EBL) to ensure effective implementations of Citizen Charter agendas. This dedicated desk shall diligently discharges its responsibilities as guided by Bangladesh Bank. In addition, as per Bangladesh Bank’s advice another monitoring cell shall be supervising activities of EBL’s Citizen Charter desk.

EBL Citizen Charter Desk Focal Point:

Sl. Name Designation Cell Number e-mail
1 Rasheedul Huque Focal Point Officer 01819-206206
2 Md Atiqur Rahman Alternative Focal Point Officer
3 Md Hero Jumman 2nd Alternative Focal Point Officer