1.What is EBL Freelancer Product Suite?

EBL Freelancer Account is a Special Foreign Currency (FCY) Account for Individual Freelancers. The Freelancer Account will be bundled with any EBL Current or EBL Savings Account. And together it’ll be considered under EBL Freelancer Product Suite.

2. Who are eligible to open EBL Freelancer Account?

Any resident Bangladeshi Citizen, aged 18 and above, earning Foreign Currency (FCY) through Outsourcing (in non-physical form) from abroad.

3. What is the minimum account opening balance for EBL Freelancer Account?

The account can be opened with zero balance.

4. In which currency can EBL Freelancer Account be opened?

Currently, EBL Freelancer Account can be opened in US Dollars

5. From which Branch can customer open EBL Freelancer Account?

Currently, customer can open EBL Freelancer Account from any EBL AD Branch. Following is the list of EBL AD Branches:

In Dhaka

  • Principal Branch
  • English Road Branch
  • Motijheel Branch
  • Gulshan Branch
  • Chawk Mughultuly Branch
  • Sonargaon Road Branch
  • Dhanmondi Branch
  • Banani Branch
  • Bashundhara Branch
  • Uttara Branch

Outside Dhaka

  • Jashore Branch
  • Khulna Branch
  • Rajshahi Branch
  • Upashahar Branch
  • Bogura Branch
  • Agrabad Branch
  • Jubilee Road Branch
  • Khatungonj Branch


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6. What is the interest rate applicable for EBL Freelancer Product Suite?

EBL Freelancer Account is a non-interest bearing accounts.

7. Can the customer receive Inward Remittance through EBL Freelancer Account?

  • Currently, Customer can retain up to 35% of Inward Remittance in FCY as per Bangladesh Bank Guideline.
  • The rest 65% of their income will be credited to their tagged EBL BDT Current/Savings Account.

8. Is there a Debit Card with EBL Freelancer Account, and can I use it abroad?

There is a FCY Debit card with EBL Freelancer Account, and you can use it abroad for any bona fide business expenses, including legitimate personal expenses.

9. What are the required documents for opening EBL Freelancer Account?

The following documents are for opening EBL Freelancer Account

  • Copy of National ID/ Valid Passport/ Birth Registration Certificate with duly attested Photo ID of Account holder and Nominee
  • Proof of Submission of Return (if available)
  • Photo of Account holder and Nominee
  • Copy of Utility bill mentioning residential address (within last 6 months)
  • Work Order or Email/Communication containing work order of last 3 items worked on, mentioning the Amount earned in FCY.
  • Freelancer ID accredited by the government of Bangladesh (if available)
  • Additional documents may be required depending on the services like business service, professional / research and advising services rendered from Bangladesh, as acceptable by Bank.

10. How can I convert USD in the EBL Freelancer Account to BDT?

Customer can visit any EBL AD Branch to transfer USD from EBL Freelancer Account to BDT in their EBL Current or Savings Account.

11. Can Customer use the EBL Freelancer Debit card within Bangladesh?

Currently the EBL Freelancer Debit card cannot be used in local ATM/POS inside Bangladesh. The Debit Card can only be used abroad.

12. What are the fees and charges applicable for EBL Freelancer Account?

  • No Account maintenance Fee
  • All other relevant fees as per prevailing Schedule of Charges