EBL Millionaire Women DPS

EBL Millionaire Women DPS is a BDT10,00,000 (BDT 10 lac) making plan through monthly deposits.

Best for you if you are-

Belong to mid/upper income segment and looking for a monthly Savings Scheme (DPS) with flexible long term tenure and maturity value of One Million BDT

Key Features:

  • You can open more than one “EBL Women Millionaire Scheme”.
  • All EBL Women Millionaire Scheme will be opened with an initial Deposit of either Zero or BDT 1,00,000 as the first installment amount
  • EBL Women Millionaire Scheme Holders may take Credit facility against EBL Women Millionaire Scheme
  • Monthly installments will be automatically realized from the Customer's Personal EBL account linked with EBL Women Millionaire Scheme
  • Deduction of the monthly installments will start from the day of opening EBL Women Millionaire Scheme and all subsequent installments will be deducted on the same day of following months. Sufficing available/cleared fund must be kept in the linked account on or within next three days of due date to collect the deposits.
  • In case of irregular payment of the monthly installments, the Maturity value may differ and cannot be guaranteed. In such cases the customer will get the maturity amount at the end of the tenure as per system calculation based on his/her deposited amount. However, the account will not close.


Any Bangladeshi Citizen aged 18 years or above having CASA with EBL.

Installment Amount and Tenure:

  • The installment amount will be as per Maturity value Table.
  • Customers can choose from Seven different tenures: 2, 4,6,8,10,12 & 14 years

Interest forfeiture will be as below:

  • Closed Before One Year – No Interest
  • Closed After one Year but before three Year- Interest at prevailing Savings Rate
  • Closed After 3 Year-Interest at EBL Women Millionaire Scheme Product Rate until the date of closing
Product Name EBL Millionaire Women DPS
Year Initial Amount Maturity Amount
- 100,000
2 38,700 34,200 1,000,000
4 18,000 15,600
6 11,100 9,400
8 7,800 6,400
10 5,800 4,600
12 4,500 3,500
14 3,600 2,600