EBL Earn First FD

EBL Earn First is a unique Fixed deposit product, where you can get the whole year's interest- on Day one! No need to count the days and wait for the year to end. Finally you can have your cake and eat it too!


  • Attractive interest rate. Whole year's interest paid on the day of FD opening
  • Minimum opening Amount is BDT 10 lac, multiple of one lac; tenure is 1 year;    
  • EBL Earn First will be closed automatically on maturity.    
  • Interest for the whole year will be credited automatically to EBL Current/Savings Account on the day of FD opening   
  • On maturity, customer will get back the principal amount

Premature Encashment  

  • If encashed before 3 Month, no interest will be paid    
  • If encashed after 3 months, interest will be given as per prevailing savings rate    
  • In case of Premature Encashment, any additional interest paid to customer will be adjusted from the Principle amount

Please note

  • Interest amount is subject to income tax and/or other levies.

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