Global Banking – Made Simple!

EBL Expat FCY account is your best choice if you earn in foreign currency (USD/Euro/GBP) and want to transfer your earnings to your loved ones in your home country with zero conversion fees*.

Best for you if you are

  • A resident foreign national, earning in foreign currency (USD/GBP/EURO)
  • In need of a FCY account to deposit your salary
  • Trying to repatriate a portion of your income to your home country


  • It is a non-interest bearing Current account;
  • You can choose from USD/GBP/EURO Currency
  • Up to 80% of your monthly Net income, including salary and Bonus - that you receive in USD/GBP/EURO can be deposited in your account and can be remitted to your home country; for the rest 20%, you can open Expat LCY account and deposit there.
  • No Currency Conversion will happen*
  • Deposited foreign currency may easily be sent abroad through banking channel.
  • Global Debit card that can be used in any ATM in the world outside Bangladesh


  • Salaried Foreign National residing in Bangladesh
  • Foreign nationals employed in branch offices/liaison offices of foreign companies operating in Bangladesh and in EPZ (Export Processing Zone)/EZ (Economic Zones)/HTP ( High-Tech Park) can open this account
  • Receiving salary/Income in foreign currency or a combination of FCY & LCY
  • Age 18 & above



  • Foreign currency deposited in this account is freely convertible into Taka.
  • Access to State of the art Skybanking App
  • Free local Taka withdrawal facilities
  • Free Phone banking facilities
  • 24/7 Contact Center Service

Required Documents for Account Opening

  • Duly completed Account Opening Form
  • Passport size photograph of applicant & nominee
  • Copy of 1st six pages of passport with more than 6 months valid visa
  • Copy of recent Utility bill
    GAS/ Electricity/WASA/Telephone
  • Copy of BOI permission
  • Salary Certificate/ Income Proof/Job Contract
  • QA22 form
  • During Account Opening, Branch may request for any other appropriate document(s).

*Applicable for USD, GBP & EURO