EBL Women's Loan

EBL Women's Loan is any purpose unsecured EMI based loan facility for any legitimate purpose for the salaried & professional female personnel.

Best for you if you are-

  • Salaried Women, Professional Women, Land lady
  • Searching for any unsecured lifestyle loan (EMI based)

Loan Amount:

  • Minimum: BDT 1,00,000
  • Maximum: BDT20,00,000

Note: DBR must be supportive with income and EMI as per income assessment guideline

Age of Applicant:

Minimum: 22 years;


  • Salaried Segment: 60 years
  • Professional & Landlady Segment: 65 years

Length of Service:

Permanent Salaried Executive:

  • Minimum 1 year continuous service Length and 6 month with present employer;

Professional: 1 year of practice;


Income (Minimum):

Salaried Segment (gross monthly Salary/Income):

  • BDT 15,000 for Teacher & government employee
  • BDT 20,000 for Teacher & government employee
  • Professionals & Landladies: BDT30,000

Contractual Employee: BDT 30,000

Tenor: 12, 24, 36, 48 & 60 months (irrespective of loan amount)

Fees: 1% of the loan amount. Related Prevailing Fees will be charged.

Partial Payment: Any point of time;Minimum 30% payment of outstanding;

Early Settlement: Any point of time; Related Prevailing Fees will be charged.

Personal Guarantor: 1 personal guarantor required (Spouse Guarantor is preferred)

Reference: 2 references will be required

Joint Application: Spouse only;Total gross monthly income of Principal & Joint Applicant should be minimum BDT 30,000 per month