No need to worry about your fuel expenses anymore! Now, you can issue a supplementary EBL Vroom fuel Card to your driver for meeting your regular fuel expenses. Set a spending limit on the card and get notifications on each transaction. Vroom Services Limited – a leading automobile service provider is the benefit partner for the co-branded card.

Key Features

  • The card will be accepted at more than 100 Fuel stations
  • No need for cash to purchase fuel
  • Can be issued as Supplementary Card for spouse/relative/driver
  • Set spending limit on supplementary card
  • All fuel bills in a single monthly statement
  • Transaction Alert to Base Cardholder for each transaction
  • ATM and Online Usage restricted

Exclusive Offers

  • FREE One Car Health checkup at the workshop
  • FREE One car wash & wax at workshop
  • FREE One AC system checkup at workshop
  • FREE One Hybrid system checkup at workshop
  • FREE One Tire Rotation at workshop
  • FREE One Roadside Assistance at Dhaka City
  • FREE Mobile Application Access for Vehicle Data Management
  • FREE Any Workshop Estimate Verification through email
  • FREE Home Delivery & Change at home of Lubricants when Purchased Online
  • Dedicated Car Concierge Hotline – For Any Vehicle-related Service Consultation with an Automobile Engineer (+8801926187666)
  • 0% EMI (EBL ZIP) facilities up to 6 months tenor at VROOM. (Minimum purchase BDT 5000)

Value Added Benefits

  • 50% OFF on Car Wash & Wax at Home - 4 Times a Year
  • 25% OFF on Car Premium Polish Package at Home - 2 Times a Year
  • 20% OFF on Vehicle Tracking Device Purchase
  • 10% OFF on Workshop Service Bill
  • 50% OFF on-call mechanic/service at home
  • Workshop Priority Booking Service Online

EBL Fuel Card FAQ

Q. What is EBL Vroom Fuel card?
A: EBL Vroom fuel Card is a co-branded credit card designed to serve your vehicle related payments and service needs. It can be issued as a supplementary card for any EBL Visa Platinum, Signature, Infinite base cardholder and EBL VROOM DCI base cardholder for themselves or as supplementary card for their spouse /relative /driver(s).

Q. Who is eligible for EBL Vroom Fuel Card?
A: Primary cardholders using Visa Platinum, Signature or Infinite credit cards are eligible to have EBL Vroom fuel supplementary card for themselves or his/her spouse /relative /driver(s).

Q. What is the issuance fee for the EBL fuel card?
A: First two supplementary cards (including EBL Vroom Fuel supplementary card) issued against the primary card are free. The issuance fee for supplementary card mentioned in the latest Schedule of Charges will be applicable for EBL Vroom fuel supplementary card.

Q. Where can I use the card?
A: EBL Vroom Fuel card can be used at hundreds of Fuel stations across the country where Visa payment network cards are accepted. This number is growing every day.

Q. Who can use EBL Vroom Fuel card?
A: The card is primarily designed for the driver(s) of primary cardholders so that they can use the card for purchasing fuel as per their need. It can be issued to spouse /relatives of the primary cardholder too; in case they purchase the fuel regularly.

Q. What is the maximum limit for a supplementary card?
A: Primary cardholder can decide the supplementary card limit.

Q. Can someone use EBL Vroom Fuel card at ATMs to withdraw cash from ATM machines or perform e-com transactions?
A: Cash withdrawal from ATMs and online transactions are not allowed with EBL Vroom Fuel Card

Q. Can someone use this card to access SKYLOUNGE?
A: No.

Q. How to avail the benefits offered by Vroom?
A: Just Call Vroom Services Limited at +8809678187666 or email them to support@vroom.com.bd to get the service you want. They will verify the card information and provide the service/discount immediately or as per your schedule.

Q. How to get a Fuel Card?
A: Just visit any EBL Branch near you or inform EBL Call Center at 16230 to connect with you a card sales team member for the necessary documentation and application.


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