EBL NFCD (Non Resident Foreign Currency Deposit) Account is an interest bearing time deposit account for Non Resident Bangladeshis which can be opened with foreign exchange for a period of 1/3/6/12 months.

Key Features    

  • The accounts are in the nature of term deposits maturing after one month, three months, six months and one year with option for auto renew.    
  • The accounts can be maintained in US dollar, pound sterling, Euro;    
  • Accounts may be opened against remittances in other convertible currencies after conversion of those.


  • Any person (individual) willing to open EBL NFCD, must have an FCY Account (EBL Global) with EBL.    
  • All non-resident Bangladesh nationals and persons of Bangladesh origin including those having dual nationality and ordinarily residing abroad can open interest bearing time deposit accounts named EBL NFCD as per Bangladesh Bank's guidelines on foreign exchange transactions.    
  • Age 18+

Minimum Initial Deposit    

  • Initially with minimum amount of US$ 1,000 or GBP 500 or equivalent.

Interest Rate    

  • Competitive Interest Rates to be provided.

Fees & Charges    

  • As per schedule of charges
  • Please Note: The account will be operated as per the Bangladesh GEFT guidelines. All Fees, Charges & Regulations shall follow Standard EBL Savings Account & Debit Card regulation & rates published. VAT applicable on fees and charges.
  • EBL holds the right to change any interest rate, fees, charges and regulation without informing the customer.