EBL Freelancer Suite

EBL Freelancer Suite is a Special Foreign Currency (FCY) Account for Individual Freelancers. The Freelancer Suite will be bundled with any EBL Current or EBL Savings Account. And together it’ll be considered under EBL Freelancer Product Suite.


  • Any resident Bangladeshi Citizen
  • Aged 18 and above
  • Earning Foreign Currency (FCY) through Outsourcing from abroad


  • It is a non-interest bearing account
  • Can be opened in USD
  • 35% of freelancing income can be kept in EBL Freelancer Account, rest will be credited in EBL BDT Account.
  • No account maintenance fee for EBL Freelancer Account
  • Comes with Special Freelancer FCY Debit Card that can be used for bona fide business and legitimate personal expenses abroad.
  • Free access to EBL Skybanking App

Minimum Opening Balance

  • Can be opened with Zero balance

Required Documents

  • Copy of National ID/ Valid Passport/ Birth Registration Certificate with duly attested Photo ID of Account holder and Nominee 
  • Proof of Submission of Return (if available)
  • Photo of Account holder and Nominee
  • Copy of Utility bill mentioning residential address (within last 6 months)
  • Work Order or Email/Communication containing work order of last 3 items worked on, mentioning the Amount earned in FCY.
  • Freelancer ID accredited by the government of Bangladesh (if available)
  • Additional documents may be required depending on the services like business service, professional/research and advising services rendered from Bangladesh, as acceptable by Bank.

Frequently Asked Questions