EBL Millionaire Scheme

Being a millionaire is that simple

EBL Millionaire Scheme is a monthly Savings Scheme with flexible long term tenure that gives you maturity Value of BDT 1 (one) million-with monthly installments as low as BDT 3,200.

Best for you if you   

  • Want to go for mid to long term savings  
  • Want attractive Rate    
  • Want to be a millionaire after a fixed tenure


  • Choose from three different tenures- from 3 to 15 years  
  • One Person can open More than one "EBL Millionaire Scheme"   
  • Reduced monthly installments    
  • Automatic realization of monthly installments   
  • Maximum 90% Loan facility against EBL Millionaire Scheme    
  • In case of Early encashment, Interest forfeiture will be as below:
    • Closed Before One Year – No Interest will be provided
    • Closed After one Year but before three Year- Interest at prevailing Savings Rate
    • Closed After 3 Year-Interest at EBL Millionaire Scheme Rate

The below Maturity Value Table shows the different installment amounts on available tenures: 

Year Initial Amount Maturity Amount
  50,000 100,000
3 24,500 23,000

(One Million)
(Before Tax)

5 14,000 13,000
7 9,500 8,800
10 6,100 5,600
12 4,800 4,400
15 3,600 3,200


  • Maturity value is subject to proper and regular payment of the prescribed monthly installments  
  • Maturity Amount showed here is subject to income tax and/or other levies.


  • Minimum Age: 18 years    
  • Citizen of Bangladesh

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